Outreach and Education at SASS

The Outreach and Education program at SASS aims to educate the community about the dynamics of sexual violence, what services are available for survivors, and how sexual violence can be prevented. This education is offered in order to increase the community’s access to services as well as to foster a healthy community environment.

We offer a variety of educational programs, and we can also always tailor trainings to the unique needs of each group. Please fill out the form below:

Training for Professionals

Many professionals struggle to know how to respond when a person discloses trauma. Successfully navigating these situations is hard, especially when professional duties and requirements (such as mandatory reporting) are at odds with the needs or desires of the client. Getting comfortable responding positively to disclosures is an essential skill and research has shown that having a negative disclosure experience can lead to negative emotional outcomes for survivors of sexual violence. SASS offers specialized training to help professionals gain more confidence in working with survivors and to help agencies develop policies and practices to mitigate institutional trauma. If you would like to request a training, please fill out the form above and if you have additional questions contact our Assistant Director of Programs at programs@sass-lane.org.

Tabling at Events

SASS is available to attend any indoor or outdoor event with the overall objective of engaging folks to spread awareness about our mission. During tabling events the community learns about our services, ways to prevent sexual violence (includes take home information such as brochures/packets) and ways to get involved. If you would like SASS to participate in your event, please fill out the form above. 

Survivor Educational Groups

SASS periodically provides educational groups for survivors. Examples include our Healthy Sexuality for Survivors programs, which is offered annually. Unlike our drop-in support groups, where people can choose each week whether or not to participate, these educational groups are for people who want to commit to attending the whole series. Having that kind of environment can be helpful for some people who want to dig deeper into specific topics with a supportive group of others who go through the process together. Check the Support Group Program page for updates about upcoming programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request a training or educational program?
Anyone! Survivor groups, service providers, community groups, schools, and businesses — our goal is to provide the best quality education and training no matter where you are.

Are trainings and educational programs free?
Our services are always free for survivors, and we strive to make our services available to community partners regardless of their ability to pay.

Do you offer these trainings and educational programs in Spanish?

Yes! Any of our presentations can be facilitated in Spanish and are adapted from a cultural lens framework.